Just when you think no one Taylor Swift brings onstage at a concert can surprise you anymore.

Remember last week on Twitter, when Taylor Swift replied insensitively to Nick Minaj's on-point criticisms about the music industry's treatment of race? Well, she doesn't want you to remember that! Think about something else!

Like her light-hearted, fun, music video-inspiring feud with Katy Perry! Those were the good old days, right? It was just, like, bathing suit mockery and Mean Girls references.

Taylor Swift redirected her fans to her Good Feud at her concert in Massachusetts over the weekend. During Bad Blood, the song probably/definitely about her feud with Perry, Swift was joined on stage by Left Shark. Yes, the goofy shark from Perry's Superbowl performance. He popped in when Swift got to the lyric about how "band-aids don't fix bulletholes." Now we're having fun, right? Right? Right? Streaming services should pay performers, and there's nothing more to see here!

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