If there is anything we know about Taylor Swift, it is that her girl squad comes first. I've always kind of gotten the vibe that Taylor is the "mom" of her friend group. (You know, the friend who always has snacks in her bag and somehow knows to bring things like toilet paper when you go on a long hike in the middle of nowhere.) And that was confirmed when I saw the pictures from the 20th birthday bash she threw for Lorde Monday night.

The party was held at ZZ's Clam Bar in New York City. Taylor made Lorde take embarrassing "mom-kissing-you-on-the-cheek" birthday photos.


a tough as guts balloon veteran

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She decorated the place with balloons.

happiest birthday girl in the world

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Lorde even wrote in the caption of this picture of her, Tay, and Karlie Kloss that Taylor calls herself "a mom with no kids." Seems pretty accurate.


And in true friend group mom fashion, Taylor thought ahead and invited some of Lorde's friends from back in New Zealand.

Happy birthday Elz ~ Kiwi gals hanging out in NYC '16

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Plus, she made sure there was chocolate cake. Because what's a birthday party without cake?

Oh and also Aziz Ansari was there, wearing a cat shirt. (This has nothing to do with Tay Tay acting like a mom. It's just a fun fact.)


When you both wear cat shirts 🐾@azizansari

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If Taylor ever has any actual children, their birthday parties are going to be epic.