Taylor Swift posted an Instagram of herself earlier today standing in a line and pointing to a "Voters Entrance" sign. Since today is Election Day in the U.S., we can safely assume that means she's voting. But the question remains: who's she voting for? Well, if the fact that she's a woman doesn't answer that for you, her sweater might.

Today is the day. Go out and VOTE 🇺🇸

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We can't see much of the sweater in the picture, other than the fact that the shoulders are missing. And in voter code, that means: Hillary Clinton! How do we know? Lena Dunham.


Three days ago, Clinton super-supporter Lena Dunham posted an Instagram of herself in a shoulderless black sweater, alongside a picture of Hillary Clinton from 1993, also wearing a shoulderless sweater (although Clinton's is a turtleneck). Dunham's caption for that post reads,

Headed to Denver to meet some of my favorite Nasty Women in support of @hillaryclinton! Let's do all we can in the days that remain. RN I'm paying tribute in my @lpathelabel cold shoulder sweater...


So there you have it. Clinton's female supporters are wearing shoulderless sweaters to show their support for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, no matter what you decide to wear, get out there and vote. Or, if you already have, stay home and crack open a bottle of wine (or several). Happy Election Day, everyone!