Cindy Crawford has no trouble pushing 50 with her perfectly toned body.

Photoshoppers HATE her! (via Rande Gerber)

Remember a few weeks ago when we thought that supermodel Cindy Crawford was a human bound by the same laws of aging and gravity that affect every other homo sapiens on the planet? Nah, that was fake, even though Marie Claire seemed to confirm it. John Russo, the photographer who took the photo of Cindy in her skivvies, had his lawyers send a letter stating that someone had altered his work to make Cindy look old and normal. And, although it took people a while to notice, Cindy's husband Rande Gerber posted this new poolside photo on Instagram for Valentine's Day to prove to everyone that despite age-appropriate hands, his wife is still unbelievably hot.

Sources: Rande Gerber | USA Today