Brit-Brit and Iggy-Wiggy made a little jimmy jam for you, and it's about as sophisticated as you'd expect for a song named "Pretty Girls." Here's the video, followed by 5 of the lowest moments.

1. The first few notes.

I realize that every artist needs a "sound," but the first sounds that blurt from this pop culture frankentune are virtually identical to the opening burps of Iggy's only bona fide hit so far, "Fancy." It's possible that Brit-Brit never even heard that tune, since she's been performing in Vegas for a while now and may well only hear the sound of her own shows and the dingling of slot machines as she returns to her room.

2. The incomplete 'Zoolander' reference.

Despite riding around in almost the exact same car as the infamous Gas Scene from Zoolander and being surrounded by male models, there is a very disappointing lack of everyone in this video being consumed by cleansing fire.