Who's that with Laurence Fishburne?
 (via reddit)

Just because you have the most celebrity-studded fan base in the world doesn't necessarily mean you're good at spotting them. The LA Lakers, in the most recent edition of "Lakers Magazine" (for the in-depth analysis you can't get from the Lakers Daily Tribune, I guess), rolled out their usual "Faces In The Crowd" section, which only shows celebrities despite a name that implies exactly the opposite.

Except this time, because they mislabeled a very determined-looking man with a red beard and a baby (with salon-quality hair that no amount of fame or cash can buy you) as Zach Galifianakis & son. It worked out ok, though, since the man was able to go on reddit and post the mix-up for beaucoup Internet karma. Even better, they also misidentified the man, Bushmaster805, as a Lakers fan, when he was in fact a Clippers guy (those exist) who happened to land free Lakers tickets. 

Sources: redditor Bushmaster805