The most hostile former child star dressed like a gay cowboy ever to be interviewed on CNN.


Robert gets ready to beat Piers Morgan's accent out of him.

Robert Blake is perhaps the greatest and most irascible interviewee ever to come out of Hollywood. The former "Little Rascal" became better known to recent generations as the man with the least convincing murder alibi ever when he told police he couldn't have shot his wife at the time of death because he was busy looking around a restaurant for his handgun. While it might seem like this kind of "angry little cowboy" behavior is just what happens when messed up, wrongly accused child stars live to be seventy-eight, he's kind of always been like this. Enjoy these clips to see how celebrity interviews are done properly.


Robert threatens an entire police department.


Robert gets angry about being called a liar solely to warm up his chilly, naked biceps.


The most unnecessary question of the evening: "Do you think you're sane?"