Thirstday: the 10 hottest celebrity Instagrams of the week to make you thirsty AF.

Thirstday: the 10 hottest celebrity Instagrams of the week to make you thirsty AF.

It's thirsty Thursday and you know what that means, time to check out some super hot hunks! If you can't make it to the beach to check out shirtless guys, then never fear. We did all the leg work for you and found the hottest shirtless celebrity Instagrams posted this week. It's OK, these men want to be objectified.

1. Chris Hemsworth really wants to show you his karate moves.

If his muscular back happens to get in the picture, then so be it.

2. Mark Wahlberg doesn't want to be called Marky Mark anymore, but he does want to show off Marky Mark's abs.

Last weekend with my daughter Grace at Jump Island. #Michigan

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His bod is putting off some Good Vibrations.

3. Ryan Lochte is an Olympic swimming hunk whose hot body will definitely distract you from his dumb as a box of rocks caption.

"Who said you can't have fun doing what you love!" Literally no one has ever said that. Just keep swimming, buddy. #USA


4. Shemar Moore knows what women want, and he's not being shy about it.

Emojis! Yes, thank you. (*wink face* kiss face* eggplant* water splash*)

5. Shirtless mirror selfies usually seem douchey, but when Joe Jonas does oneโ€ฆ

Snapchat: JOSEADAM ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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6. Alex Pettyfer was in Magic Mike, so hell yeah he can take a shirtless double decker bus tour.

Majorly stealing focus from the Empire State Building.

7. Calvin Harris is getting over T. Swift the only way he knows how, by being shirtless on Snapchat.

Snapchat: calvinharris ๐ŸŒฟ

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We're here to help you heal, Adam Calvin.


8. Diplo took some time off from DJing and dating Kate Hudson to show off his other talents.

Dipflip #83762864

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Oh and the flip is pretty good too.

9. Trey Songz is in his favorite place.

Favorite place to be #Drais

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In front of a camera.


10. Even though he's wearing a shirt, The Rock proves he's the best hunk of all by changing his adorable daughter's diaper.

Hopefully next week he posts one folding laundry. MMMMMM.

If you're sad this list was only hot hunks and no bodacious babes, don't worry, a Kardashian posts a naked selfie approximately every 7 seconds. We'll let you know.

This one's for the ladies.