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Imgur user 0nCominstrm has a friend who recently got the chance to meet beloved acting legend Tim Curry. Although the Rocky Horror Picture Show star has kept a lower profile since a major stroke in 2012 left him wheelchair-bound, he still makes an effort to meet his fans whenever possible.

In fact, this one fan was so impressed by Curry's determination to be a generous host despite his severe hardships, he wrote a Facebook post to pay tribute to this great actor and great man. 0nCominstrm shared the post on Imgur, where it's gone viral and turned thousands of fans into sobbing wrecks. Warning: it'll probably make you cry too.


A friend of mine recently went to an Expo in Dallas. While he was there he got to meet the iconic Tim Curry. His Experience with this lovely man was something I thought would share with the good folks of Imgur (sharing with his permission of course)


The original poster of the story, roleplaying vlogger Wadeling, has reached out to Someecards. He uploaded a video to YouTube to clear up some misconceptions about his encounter with Curry, and asked us to share it. Like his Facebook post, it's very moving.


The world doesn't deserve Tim Curry. But thank goodness we have him.