Tobey Maguire, a frequent muse for meme creators, posted a fan-made Tobey Maguire meme on Instagram to congratulate the new Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, on his performance in Captain America: Civil War.

Haha seriously, who made this? @tomholland2013 good job! You are great as Spider-Man. Keep it up!

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Maguire, the Spider-Man many fans grew up with, has now seen the Spidey suit passed down to two actors and has been gracious about it both times. He even interviewed Andrew Garfield about taking over the first Spider-Man reboot in 2012.

If you were hoping Maguire was weeping in the back of the theater while seeing these new Spider-Man movies, many apologies, because he is not. But here he is tearing up anyway for your enjoyment.

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