A well-intentioned Tom Hiddleston tried to draw focus to the work the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is doing in South Sudan, but to many, his Golden Globes acceptance speech came off as awkward and self-serving.

He shared an anecdote from his time in the country, when a group of workers from Doctors Without Borders approached him about his TV series The Night Manager.

"They wanted to say hello, because during the shelling of the previous month, they had binge-watched The Night Manager. And the idea that I could provide—or that we could provide—some relief... made me immensely proud..."


Much of Twitter groaned a collective "yikes."

Approached by TMZ after the show, Hiddleston apparently hadn't heard the criticism.

Hiddleston: I don't know what they've said.

TMZ: They said it was self indulgent....

Hiddleston: I'd say we all just have to do our best to help each other out.


Helpfully, Stats Briton has some quick (fake) news about how his speech could have gone better.