On this week's episode of The Graham Norton Show, Tom Hiddleston revealed that he once peed on his Night Manager co-star Tom Hollander.

Hiddleston recalled that Hollander was stung by a jellyfish and asked his co-star to pee on the sting to relieve the pain. (Yes, just like that episode of Friends.)

“Tom got stung by a jellyfish and he shouted across the beach, ‘I say old sport could you come and pee on me?’," Hiddleston told Norton. "And I engagingly obliged. I’ve since read up on it and I don’t think it works. It’s an old wives’ tale.”


I must say, that is the most endearingly British request for a friend to urinate on another friend I've ever heard.

And as it turns out, Tom Hiddleston, much like Joey Tribianni, is a great and loyal friend.
Sources: NME