If you have ever been haunted by an ex, you will feel for Tom Hiddleston's most recent "run in" with Taylor Swift.

Hiddleston was out for a stroll on Sunday, when he walked past a poster of his notoriously vengeful ex that depicted her breaking up with him, according to Marie Claire, where you can also go to view the photo that captured the moment.

Swift, an ever-present and omnipotent pop deity, is impossible to avoid, and I truly cannot imagine trying to get over someone that inescapable. I'm assuming Hiddleston has already gone through the fairly normal process of blocking her on social media to give him some space. But, knowing Hiddleston, I doubt he's deleted her number, and I'm confident that Swift still texts him because that's what an insensitive person does after they've dumped someone.


The London-based artist, Fussy Human, probably couldn't have predicted that Hiddleston would stroll by the poster and turn his or her art into one of the most ironic moments captured on camera in 2016 (aside from anything that's occurred in the political sphere, of course), but hopefully it's given this great print a boost in sales.

Sundays are arguably the worst day to be reminded that you were dumped, given that existential dread is usually at at its most intense as you prepare to face down the impending work week. So, while I feel a bit like Hiddleston played himself for even getting involved with someone known for writing songs about her breakups, I really do wish he had taken a different route to wherever he was headed.


Is she though?

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