Sunday night was the 2017 Tony Awards, aka the "Please give Cher one so she can EGOT" Awards. That means some of the world's best entertainers — these people can act, dance, and sing live(!) eight times a week(!!) — are out in their red carpet best.

Look, this group can run and/or foxtrot circles around us, so there's something a little comforting about point out minor "flaws" in their outfits. Let's hope this doesn't ruin our chance at the Hamilton lottery, which we already assume we'll still be entering from beyond the grave. Ahead, our picks for worst dressed celebs of the 2017 Tonys:


1. Jordan Roth

At least he put effort into it?

Jordan Roth, Broadway producer extraordinaire, is hosting the Tonys red carpet for Vogue. We'll assume he's doing something very right, and our taste just isn't sophisticated enough to get it.

2. Keltie Knight

Kylie, is that you?

Somewhere between an actual Broadway costume and a Kardashian-friendly jumpsuit, this look isn't quite a fit for the red carpet... although we're not sure where else we would wear it.


3. Christine Ebersole

This is what a Mother of the Bride dress looks like on steroids.

Christine Ebersole has found a style she loves and we respect that. But just because she's a living legend doesn't mean she has to wear a gown that started on Broadway when she did.

4. Paloma Young

We, too, would love to wear our childhood blankie out on the town.

Paloma Young is a costume designer, so maybe that means large, tartan skirts are the summer 2017 trend that no one saw coming.


5. Candice Swanepoel

Just a simple summer dress.

Candice Swanepoel's hair and makeup make her look like the (Victoria's Secret) angel that she is, but something about this dress screams "formal Christmas party" and not "a fun awards show in mid-June."

6. Sara Bareilles

Voice of an angel, dress of an '80s living room.

"Just outline my boobs in sequins, that'll make it a sexy couch."