Commercials for psychic readings enjoy a time-honored tradition of being played in the middle of the night, when people who are bored and/or deliriously tired can decide that after-hours TV isn't quite enough entertainment. Now there's a new psychic hotline commercial for those insomniacs, because Tori Spelling has been named the new spokesperson for the Psychic Source.

Spelling is not simply doing this for the money; she is apparently a connoisseur of psychics:

Some of you might know that I LOVE to explore new psychics and consider myself a bit of an expert on them. If there were a Zagat that reviewed psychics, I'd keep it on my bedside table for handy access. It's important to me to know that I'm dealing with the "real deal" when it comes to spiritual advice.

I'm proud to represent Psychic Source because I trust their Advisors. It literally feels like I'm chatting with old friends (but way more private!). When it comes to important life issues, I'm only interested in talking to the best of the best, so I appreciate the rigorous screening process the Psychic Source Advisors have to go through. And to be honest, my readings have been SPOT ON--they never cease to amaze me!

Read more about my readings here and try your own to see why I keep coming back. 
Hope you enjoy my psychic sTORI as much as I love sharing it!

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