Leolah Brown had an outburst and was tossed from Bobbi Kristina's funeral.

Walking the walk after too much talk.
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It's safe to say that the Houston family could use some peace and quiet. Regrettably, Leolah Brown decided to take things in a different direction and shouted at another family member during the service. Thankfully, Tyler Perry was there, and he quickly made his way to Leolah to quiet her while escorting her from the church. Is there anything Tyler Perry can't do?

Leolah interrupted Pat Houston, Whitney's sister, as she was walking up to to say a few words about Bobbi Kristina, telling her that Whitney was going to "haunt" her. We all know that you shouldn't make a scene at a funeral, but more importantly the only people that have license to threaten you with a haunting are gypsies. If you're going to effectively threaten someone with a haunting, don't bother yelling; quietly whisper what sounds like backwards Latin in their ear and walk away smiling.


Following the outburst, Leolah walked outside with Tyler Perry and made her way straight to the press, which is what you do when you're trying to keep a low profile and be respectful of the entire family's privacy.

Sources: Entertainment Tonight