We already know that Josh Peck didn’t invite Drake Bell to his wedding, Drake posted some salty tweets about the snub, and there's a report that Josh was pretty upset about his former co-star's Twitter attack.

But many fans are also wondering if Miranda Cosgrove was invited to Josh’s wedding. We already thought the event could have been the perfect reunion for the Drake & Josh co-stars and that includes Miranda, who played their sister, Megan.

You remember Megan, who, as a sweet innocent faced little girl pretty much messed up Drake and Josh’s lives every chance she could get?


While Miranda hasn’t said anything about Josh’s wedding or Drake’s tweets, plenty of fans are commenting on her Instagram to try and get to the bottom of things. While hashtags like #justice4megan and justice4miranda were scattered in her Instagram comments, another fan felt pretty devastated, writing: "IM DEAD YOU WERENT INVITED TO THE WEDDING EITHER."

Still others thought Miranda’s devious character, Megan, was somehow to blame for all of this, with comments about Megan intercepting Drake’s wedding invite, such as: “Can’t believe you stole drake’s invite.”


Another asked: "Did Mindy put you up to it? She's been driving a wedge between Drake and Josh for more than a decade."

And this meme:

I hope these drake and josh memes never stop (@jackieoproblems)

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