"NO NO NO NO" is what I yelled when I watched this video of The Rock's on-set injury, so if you're squeamish, or you're a human who likes fingers to look like fingers, be warned.

I ain't got time to bleed..
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It's been a big day for horrifying celebrity finger injuries. First Jimmy Fallon got his finger ripped off by his wedding ring, and then The Rock posted the above video on Instagram of his smiling mug and totally wrecked finger, from an injury that supposedly occurred on set for his new film, Central Intelligence.

Update: Well, there's some good news. According to Variety, the hand was actually a prosthetic, and the video was a joke. I didn't want this to be real, because I don't want Dwayne Johnson to be injured, but I did love that the world's nicest strongman apparently also had a superhuman pain tolerance. Instead, I'll be filing this video next to the Fake Fat Kevin Bacon Instagram Incident from May.