Jack Gleeson has commanded the land's finest bards and acting troupes to perform "The Bear And The Maiden Fair." Oh, I'm sorry, I read that wrong. Silly me. His play has a much more sensible name.

Yes, that's right, Jack Gleeson, everyone's favorite (spoiler) dead psychotic boy monarch born of an incestuous union has started his own theater company after "retiring" from Hollywood and the success of Game of Thrones. The Irish theater company, Collapsing Horse, is launching its first play, Bears In Space. Here's the show's terrific description from the website of the theater playing it, the Soho theater in London:

The show centres around two cosmonaut bears on a spaceship hurtling toward the impossibly distant limits of the universe, and the villainous beings who chase them. Through their renowned puppetry, comic skills and music, one of Ireland's most exciting theatre companies, Collapsing Horse, consider the perils and wonders of a journey across space and time to nowhere. Join them on their ethereal adventure!