What we can learn about celebrity friendships from their text conversations.

What we can learn about celebrity friendships from their text conversations.

Celebrities are just people, their texts may just be texts, and fame doesn't get you exclusive A-list emojis (wait, does it?!?). But we all want to read their conversations anyway.

For better or worse, it's fascinating when a famous person posts a screenshot of a text message conversation with another, different famous person. It's like a sneak peek into their friendship, their inside jokes, and even private details like their capitalization style. For your viewing pleasure, here are some noteworthy (term used very loosely) celebrity text message conversations.

1. In this first slide, pop Machiavelli Taylor Swift and musician Jack Antonoff freak out about the release of the song they worked on together, "Out of the Woods."

Antonoff explains to Swift how distracted he was while walking Lamby, who everyone knows is his girlfriend Lena Dunham's dog. Meanwhile, Taylor is in a full body sweat, or so she says...we never can know what's real with the mastermind behind the powerful 1989 societal takeover.

2. Next, we have this flirtatious exchange between comedians Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak.

The two former Office co-stars have such frequent, public, and ambiguous interactions that there's an entire blog about them that New York Times chief book critic Michiko Kakutani says is definitely worth a read. Just kidding, but I do. This typical exchange features affection, comedy, dessert, and misunderstanding.

I've honestly never been so mad. @picturesoftext punk ass.
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3. Which brings us to another pair with a deeply layered relationship, pop star Ariana Grande and actress Jennette McCurdy.

They co-starred on Nickelodeon for eight years, and are kind of best friends and sort of enemies but actually both but also neither, or something. At one point in their saga, Grande posted this poem thing that Jennette texted her. Enthralling.


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4. Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer played sister and brother on the TV show Parenthood, but in real life they are best friends and live together.

Their relationship involves a lot of social media output, including some semi-vague screenshots that require you to fill in the context using your imagination. So they're basically art.

how I feel about the weekend ending
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sweet dreams yall! #humpnight
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5. And now we come to our final celebrity text conversation.

Here we have Girls creator Lena Dunham asking a question on behalf of showrunner Jenni Konner to "Man Repeller" fashion blogger Leandra Medine who answers by referencing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, which I think is also the plot of Inception.

We are truly lucky to have a direct line to @manrepeller for questions that just can't wait
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