Finding massive success with a close friend must make finding massive success all the sweeter. But then, as is often the case with duos, one of the people wants to move on and do other things. So the duo splits up and one person goes on to become super-popular all by themselves.

And then there's…the other person who didn't do that.

Here's what some of those other halves went on to do with themselves.


1. Kel Mitchell

Before Abbi and Illana, before Key and Peele, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were a starter comedy duo for millions, via Nickelodeon's All That and Kenan & Kel.

It was Mitchell who got the first major adult role, in the 1999 superhero comedy Mystery Men. But then Saturday Night Live beckoned in 2003… for both of them. Mitchell and Thompson tried out for the show at the same time; Thompson got on, Mitchell didn't.

(He thinks it's because his audition was "too crazy," in that it featured his impression of DMX, but in Toy Story.)


While he hasn't had as high profile a gig as SNL, Mitchell has worked steadily, even writing and starring in a movie called Dance Fu. And when they say you can't go home again, they're wrong, because Mitchell has been part of the cast of the Nickelodeon sitcom Game Shakers since 2015.

2. Meg White

The White Stripes were huge in the early aughts, providing a huge sound out of just two people: singer/guitarist Jack White and drummer Meg White. While they sometimes told reporters they were siblings, they were actually a divorced married couple.


The band broke up in 2011, and Jack White has been a prolific performer and producer ever sence.

Unfortunately, Meg White hasn't been up to much. Anxiety, according to Rolling Stone, prevents her from doing much press or touring. She spends most of her time at home in Detroit.

3. Brian Dunkleman


Ryan Seacrest's launch pad to dominating all media was hosting American Idol. In season one, he had a co-host: a comedian named Brian Dunkleman.

He left after the first season to pursue an acting career.

While most of his interviews and appearances since are mainly people asking him "Why did you leave American Idol, OMG why did you do that?" Dunkleman has put together a viable career in entertainment, with voice acting on shows like The Fairly OddParents, guest appearances on dramas like NYPD Blue and The Ghost Whisperer, and reality shows; he lost 15 pounds on Celebrity Fit Club.


4. Andrew Ridgeley

Wham!—the duo consisting of Ridgeley and George Michael—split up in 1986 because Michael wanted to do stuff a bit more mature and soulful than, "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go."

Michael's solo career was extremely successful, of course. Meanwhile, Ridgeley released just one album, Son of Albert, in 1990. It sold poorly and got meh reviews.

Fortunately, the royalties of Wham! songs Ridgeley co-wrote are such that he doesn't have to worry about money, according to The Sun. He lives on a farm in Cornwall with his companion Keren Woodward (formerly of Bananarama!), and he raced cars in Monaco for awhile.


5. DJ Jazzy Jeff

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince were a duo, and where the Fresh Prince went, so too did Jazzy Jeff. When The Fresh Prince of Bel Air happened, Jazzy Jeff got the recurring role of Jazz, whom Uncle Phil loved to throw out of his mansion.


In real life, Jazzy Jeff is Jeff Townes and the Fresh Prince is Will Smith. While Smith became one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Townes got even more involved with music.

He's a major record producer, helping record songs for Eminem, the Roots, Talib Kweli, and some of Will Smith's solo, non-Fresh Prince recordings. Townes has actually released 12 solo albums, and in 2015 he did the record scratches for Straight Outta Compton.


6. Richard Carpenter.

Just look how crazy the '70s were.
Just look how crazy the '70s were.

Carpenters (no "the"—they were just Carpenters), the most laid-back of all '70s soft rock bands, ended in 1983 with the death of singer/drummer Karen Carpenter.

After a break to mourn his sister and musical partner, pianist and composer Richard Carpenter released a solo record called Time in 1987, on which he used guest vocalists to fill in for Karen.


That was his last album of original material he ever made. He's also the father of a bunch of kids with his wife of 30 years, Mary Rudolph, who also happens to be his cousin.

7. Jennette McCurdy.

Amidst the endless assembly line of Nickelodeon sitcoms were two big hits in the late 2000s: iCarly and Victorious. When those shows ended, Nickelodeon made a new show called Sam & Kat and cast Jennette McCurdy from iCarly and Ariana Grande from Victorious.


That one ended in 2014, and Grande decided to focus on her singing career…to some success.

McCurdy went on to deal with a nude photo leak and to star on the sci-fi show Between, which is a thing on Netflix in which everybody over the age of 21 disappears (aka Teen Leftovers).

8. David Lander.

Michael McKean and David Lander had developed the dim-bulb greasers Lenny and Squiggy in the Groundlings before they were added to the cast of Laverne and Shirley—the #1 TV show in 1976.


After the show ended in 1982, McKean never left movies or TV screens, starring in classics like This is Spinal Tap, Clue, and, currently, Better Call Saul.

Lander, meanwhile, did a ton of TV guest spots and voice acting work. Since 1984, he's been fighting multiple sclerosis, and does a lot of awareness and outreach work for MS.

He also joined the world of pro baseball, serving as a talent scout for the Anaheim Angels and Seattle Mariners and as a co-owner of a Portland minor league baseball team.