To be fair, making guns cost tens of thousands of dollars is pretty good gun control.

People are pretty upset that Kim Kardashian tweeted out this bling-bling bang-bang just weeks after asking fans to support gun control. Personally, we found it pretty impressive that Kim Kardashian was able to focus long enough to tweet that public-minded message that her publicist definitely forced her to at all. Also, this gun looks like it holds four bullets and like those bullets would be made of jewels - this is the literal embodiment of Chris Rock's famous "Bullet Control" bit. Of course, the fact that gun control is about magazine size and assault weapons is a little nuanced for Kim or those who watch Kim, so controversy is guaranteed. But hey, Kim just likes fancy guns. And frankly, if she went on a shooting spree it would be the first time she'd be famous for something she'd actually done herself.

Sources: NY Daily News