Wyclef Jean got absolutely ripped apart by commenters on his Reddit AMA.

Wyclef Jean got absolutely ripped apart by commenters on his Reddit AMA.

If you visit the Reddit thread started by Wyclef Jean​ on Sunday, you'll find the amiable introduction: "I am 3X Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter/producer Wyclef Jean... Ask me Anything!" posted by [deleted].

Why "deleted"? Because most commenters were far more interested in berating Jean for allegedly misusing his charitable foundation for Haiti than they were in his "3X Grammy-winning" career, so he deleted his account and noped out after responding to about 25 innocuous questions.

Hi Wyclef, just wondering how do you sleep at night? 

According to the Daily Mail, Jean's charity—called Yele—folded eight years after its kickoff amidst allegations of mishandling "funds totaling $16 million." The New York Times also reported on the charity's collapse, writing in 2012 that, "On the ground in Haiti, little lasting trace of Yele's presence can be discerned" and that the charity spent $600,000 on a "walled country estate," which was by then deserted. 

Even more damning was a 2010 report by the Smoking Gun on Jean's tax return. Apparently, Yele used donations to pay Jean's "mistress and personal assistant $105,000," as Gawker explained, for her work as an "independent contractor."


Terrible news for Haiti, but great news for those looking to get their fill of schadenfreude at the expense of a disgraced celebrity on Reddit. 

A little advice?
Huge fan here, Wyclef.
And this is Wyclef's biggest admirer.
Love you, Wyclef. Seriously love you.

Jean did respond to one negative comment, albeit hastily:

Thank you to all my fans.