Et tu, everyone? (via BravoTV)

Ohhhhhh boy. Remember when someone leaked Lindsay Lohan's sex list about a month ago, alleging that she wrote it at the Beverly Hills Hotel while partying with friends? You probably do, because everyone covered it, including HappyPlace (our bad).

Welp, Lindsay finally answered a question about its origins and veracity (one might say she was slightly tricked into it) on Watch What Happens Live, and boy, was it a bummer. Turns out, Lohan says, the list was part of her 5th step of rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic, and that someone must have snapped a picture when she was moving to do her current (and according to rumor, doomed) reality show with Oprah. Watch what happened on tape on Watch What Happens Live here:

Sources: BravoTV | Gawker