When you're an actor promoting a major movie, you have to go on a press tour and answer a whole bunch of prying questions, if you're lucky. Or if you're Zach Efron promoting his new movie, the reboot of Baywatch, you have to answer a bunch of prying questions and then wax all the hair off the interviewer's body, including his "bikini" line.

Stars! Their problems are nothing like ours!

Efron, 29, and his co-star Alexandria Daddario recently appeared on the Australian Footy Show, where Efron revealed he had to undergo a "back, crack and Zac wax" before stripping down for Baywatch. So host Beau Ryan, who is also a former rugby star, was inspired to try the hardcore beauty regimen himself. With a little hands-on help from Daddario and Efron.

But though Daddario handled the wax strips like a seasoned veteran, neither Efron nor Ryan seemed fully prepared for the ugly realities of body-waxing, especially in the "below the bellybutton" region. Judging from the looks of agony on both of their faces throughout this waxing bro-ment, neither of them will ever, ever attempt this, or speak of it, again.


You can watch here:

We don't know who the experience was more painful for: Ryan or Efron. They both seem to barely get through the experience alive.

Just look at these facial expressions:


Just a reminder that many women go through this form of torture on the reg and then go on with our lives like it's NBD 😏 And this isn't even the most painful thing many women go through in our lives: that would be childbirth, or having men explain things to us.