Uh-oh. Zach Braff didn't read the part of the Celebrity Handbook where they tell you to always pretend you never read articles about your movies.

Yesterday, Vice published an article looking back at Garden State and how everyone loved it for one year before deciding it was horrible. To illustrate this point, writer Dan Ozzi looks back at the movie from both points of view.

This was how we thought about Garden State in 2004...

Braff spent most of the movie having those very deep conversations we all had in our college years—long talks about, you know, deep stuff, like God and death and losing the sense of home. He introduced us to a small cast of offbeat characters from the New Jersey suburbs, including Golden Globe-nominated actor Peter Sarsgaard. Braff’s style as a dramatic director positioned him to be the next Woody Allen.

Sources: h/t Jezebel