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12 people share the big celebrities they've met who were kind and humble.

12 people share the big celebrities they've met who were kind and humble.


Fame can easily ruin someone's life by insulating them in a fishbowl of privilege while stripping away all of their privacy and ability to live anonymously.

This paradoxical mix of immense wealth paired with the suffocating public gaze is enough to render anyone self-absorbed or out of touch.

And yet, there are some famous people who miraculously remain down-to-earth and chill even after living in the throes of fame.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared which celebrities they've met that were surprisingly humble and kind.


I got to meet Terry Crews at a tough mudder obstacle course like event. He was the kindest and sweetest dude despite being built like a monster and looking intimidating as hell at first.

2. From Groundbreaking_War52:

A friend of mine worked out at the same gym as Hugh Jackman in the West Village and they'd exchange pleasantries from time to time.

But one day Hugh somehow realized that my friend was attempting a personal best on the bench and came over to help spot him and then gave him a nice high-five and bro-hug congratulations.

3. From JefferyTheQuaxly:

I went to a private fundraiser with Dolly Parton last year to promote her bringing her imagination library to Ohio, she is the nicest most down-to-earth person ever.

She was given a teleprompter but basically ignored it and did her own thing, talking about growing up how her dad was ashamed he couldn't read until he was an adult. She is 100% as she appears in public.

4. From mindmypalace:

David Tennant

Fantastic actor and an awesome, down to earth human being.

5. From jellonoob:

I ran into Pedro Pascal at a diner during his Oberyn Martell days - nobody seemed to recognize him at the time. I’ll never forget how incredibly sweet he was!

He greeted me as if I was his long-time friend and said that it was such a pleasure to meet me (when that should’ve been my line to him).

Meanwhile, sitting next to him was Michiel Huisman (playing Daario at the time) and he definitely wasn’t as engaging or nice.

6. From LesPantalonesFancy:

When I worked catering in NYC I once bartended for a Off-Broadway premiere. Most of the guests were incredibly pretentious and rude. The types to hardly acknowledge the catering staff were people not robots. Except for Ed Harris.

He introduced himself to anyone who served him, cracked jokes, and apologized to one of the servers when a guest drunkenly went off on her for no reason.

Plus, he was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, a sports coat, and New Balances while everyone else was in full suits. He seemed very down to Earth, and an overall sweet man.

7. From SGTRhoads16:

The two that stand out in my mind are Gary Sinese and Robin Williams. I met Gary Sinese at Ft. Hood. I was told to work a USO show. I got to meet a lot of cool people, but Gary Sinese and the Space Shuttle Crew were cool.

Robin Williams visited our base in Afghanistan. Way cool dude. He was even funnier, loved doing stand up.

Both dudes were super super humble. I appreciate that I got talk to Robin Williams, and honestly it's the only celebrity death that I ever cared about.

8. From JSmooth619:

Met John C Reilly on a flight once. He was reading the newspaper. Walked up and asked what the current stock price was for Prestige Worldwide.

He lowered his newspaper, cracked up and said that was a great way to introduce myself. Super cool dude.

9. From PoliteIndecency:

Eugene and John Candy used to visit my mom's nursing ward at Sick Kids a lot. I got to meet him a couple times and he was always super nice, very respectful, and never made anything about him.

The guy's a gem and it looks like both Dan and Sarah have the same attitude from what I've seen from them.

10. From HogSandwich:

John Cena has done an absolute christload of Make A Wish foundation things. Like hundreds upon hundreds. the internet is saturated with John Cena meeting little sick kids. He's a good egg.

11. From evilwatersprite:

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Dave Grohl is Gen X’s potty-mouthed Dolly Parton. I interviewed him a couple of times over the years and he’s exactly how you imagine.

Which is actually kinda impressive because being “on” all day for press tours can be exhausting and everyone has days where they don’t want to talk to anyone — let alone reporters — but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him give a bad interview.

12. From Bear-Unnecessities:

I hung out with an older couple that worked production on a couple of movies throughout the past decades. They raved about Sandra Bullock and said she’d frequently grab a beer with the crew.

I think she was their favorite, along with Cameron Diaz. They absolutely HATED Jonah Hill. Described him as a prima-donna. This was when they were working on War Dogs.

Sources: Reddit
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