Derick was born on March 9, 1989, in Arkansas. He is 28 years old and married Jill Duggar back in 2014. He became known when he joined Jill's family's reality show '19 Kids and Counting' and then 'Counting On'.

The couple has been known to do missionary work together and has actually gone to some pretty dangerous places in Central America. The two of them are fairly open about their dangerous calling, but there's actually a lot we don't know about Derick Dillard.

He Lost His Father


Derick lost his father when he was back in college. He attended Oklahoma State University and graduated in 2011. During an episode of 'Counting On', Jill, Derick, and Derick's mom all visit his old dorm room. They talked about the moment that Derick's mom showed up in that exact hallway to tell him his father had died.

Derick's father, Rick Dillard, died very unexpectedly and on the nine-year anniversary of his passing, Derick paid a heartwarming tribute to him on Instagram, saying, "Nine years ago today I said goodbye to the greatest man I knew. The greatest, namely, because he taught me in word and deed about Jesus Christ. He protected and served the public as a police officer, and he loved God and his family. His time came sooner than expected, but I know he would have loved being grandpa Dillard to little Israel too. He is my dad, and I look forward to seeing him again on the other side of eternity. Rick W. Dillard (1957-2008)."


Derick Met Jill in Kathmandu

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In the early days of Derick and Jill's relationship, they only spoke over the phone and through Skype. Jill's dad, Jim-Bob Duggar, actually introduced the two of them because he thought they would be a good match.

After a few months of talking virtually, Jill told her parents that she thinks she's falling in love with someone she has never officially met. Jill and her dad decided to fly all the way to Kathmandu, which is in central Nepal, just to meet Derick.


The trip went extremely well and the young couple was already falling in love. Before Jill left and went back home, Derick asked her to officially court him. Courting is what the Duggar family does, and it basically means to date with a purpose and the intention of marriage. Of course, Jill accepted.

Derick Proposed With an Adorable Song


On March 29, 2014, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard got engaged. Derick planned an extravagant proposal that included a walk in the park, a staged musician, and a song that he helped to write.

The engagement song was the story of their love and Derick seamlessly worked it into the engagement. The couple appeared to be so young but so in love at the same time. They were truly excited about life and their future together which was beautiful.

Derick Almost Lost His Mom Too


During the time Derick and Jill were getting married, Derick's mom was really sick. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is a very aggressive form of cancer.

Luckily on the wedding day, she was feeling good and made it to her son's wedding. According to, Derick’s mom couldn't even be out, and they had to wear a mask when they came in to see her in the house. When he brought her a rose for Mother’s Day, it had to be left outside. This was to prevent Dillard’s mom from getting sick.


Luckily, Derick's mom is now doing great. Derick said, "“My mom’s story of battle and triumph over cancer is nothing short of a miracle, performed by the one true God, our Lord Jesus Christ, through many medical personnel to whom I am eternally grateful."

Many Fans Are Concerned About Derick's Health

Soon after Jill and Derick got married, Derick underwent a mouth surgery and braces. The results caused him to have to eat from a straw for a period of time, and now his jaw is slightly crooked.


Following this event, Derick also lost a lot of weight after going to Central America. Many fans worried he was on the brink of death because he looked so sick.

Jill responded to these comments, saying, “Derick and I are generally very healthy people, but when you’re eating, drinking and living in a different place than the one you grew up in, it’s not uncommon to come down with the ‘traveler’s stuff’ or other bacteria/viruses in the local jungle area. No, we haven’t had Zika that we know of, but both of us have been laid out for a few days here and there, thankfully not both at the same time though.”