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Mom asks if she was wrong to write post about celeb who refused daughter a photo.

Mom asks if she was wrong to write post about celeb who refused daughter a photo.


Are celebrities just like us and have an absolute right to their own time? Or when they're in public do they owe their fans some love, no matter what they're. doing? In this story a mom is upset because a celeb (who she won't name) wouldn't take a photo with her daughter. Who's the ahole here?

My daughter and I were recently on vacation. We spent the day in an area that’s known to have a lot of rich/famous people, and towards the end of the day we saw one of my daughter’s favorite celebrities (we’ll call her A) walking out of a store.

My daughter ran to the store, but when she got near A, she was stopped by A’s security. They said that A’s there with her daughter for her daughter’s birthday and wants to focus on her daughter.

My daughter was very upset because she’s been a fan of A for a very long time so she tried again for a picture but was turned away.

My daughter was crushed, so later that night I made a post talking about my experience with A. How she wouldn’t let anyone go near her and her daughter, the fact that her security was rude, and her not being willing to stop for a couple seconds for a picture.

I understand it’s her daughter’s birthday, but a 1 minute interaction with a fan isn’t going to ruin her day and if it does, that girl needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her.

The post ended up getting a lot of attention and a lot of people actually said my daughter and I were being entitled for expecting A to interrupt her daughter’s birthday for everyone that wants a picture.

My husband also saw the post and said he couldn’t believe that I would bash her for trying to spend the day with her daughter. I’m not trying to bash her for spending the day with her daughter but she wouldn’t be where she is without her fans so I think she at least owes it to them to take a picture. AITA for making the post about A?

From the comments:

Dry_Ask5493 writes:

YTA. Your entitlement is clouding your judgment. The celebrity owes you nothing and she was with her daughter.

Info: Out of curiosity how old is your daughter?

aitarudecelebrity OP responded:


the_greek_italian writes:

YTA. Even though it could've been a simple , 1 minute interaction, a lot of people forget that celebrities are ALSO PEOPLE!! It's actually insane that you believe your daughter was 'owed' a picture just because 'they wouldn't be where they are without their fans.'

Celebrities deserve some time for themselves and their families. A was respectful enough to decline, I'm sure she apologized to your daughter too, but you and your daughter also need to learn to respect others, including famous people.

aitarudecelebrity OP responded:

A didn’t acknowledge my daughter at all. It was A’s security that kept rejecting her.

Dszquphsbnt writes:

'that girl needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her'

Kinda the lesson I'm thinking you and your daughter need to learn, tbh. YTA

LF3000 writes:

Yep. Reading the title, I was thinking it would be the celebrity ACTUALLY being rude -- thinking they can cut in line because they are famous, being shitty to waitstaff, something like that. Simply declining a picture -- on their daughter's birthday, no less -- is not rude, it's just them trying to live their life.

LissaBryan writes:

This was a chance for her daughter to learn that she's not entitled to other people's time no matter how famous they are. As a woman, she will likely encounter men who feel entitled to her time to shoot their shot and this could have been an excellent lesson about respecting boundaries.

This could have also been a chance for her to learn to respect 'no' when she was told the first time not to bother the celebrity any more.

Instead, the mother had to make it all about her daughter's disappointment and how the celebrity is responsible for managing that.

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