Tiffany Thornton's new fiance, Josiah Capaci recently took to Instagram to share a photo of his new family. His heartfelt message read, "I believe in "falling in love." But more importantly, love is a choice. A conscious decision to give your life for the joy of those you care about. Not exchanging your joy for theirs, but gaining joy by giving joy to the people you love. This is my new family. I love them a lot. And I will keep them forever."


Tiffany Thornton lost her husband, Chris Carney, in a car accident in December of 2014. Chris left Tiffany with their two young boys, Kenneth James and Bentley Cash. Tiffany has been very open on Instagram with her struggles as a single mom and a mourning wife.

However, things started turning around earlier this year, when Tiffany began a relationship with Josiah Capaci. The couple is now engaged to be married and is excited to start their life together.

On Father's day, Tiffany shared a series of photos of Josiah with her kids. The caption read, "Happy Fathers Day to the gift our hearts needed. You are selfless, kind, not easily angered, talented, loving and most of all you lead us in the way Christ desires. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for choosing us. You amaze me. 💗💗💗 @jotheshow"


Josiah and Tiffany are beginning to merge their lives together, and that starts with getting a house together. Their new place looks absolutely stunning and they appear to be really excited about it.


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Tiffany captioned her photo of their new living room, "NEW HOUSE." It appears to be completely furnished already and includes a comfortable sitting chair and a family dining area. Their place looks pretty big and it's clear Tiffany has a knack for decorating.

Tiffany's Instagram was filled with positive comments from those who have been following her journey.

Cassiescerbo said, "GORGEOUS! So happy for you Tiff! I love you❤️"

Marialovato92 said, "Congrats Tiffany, hope you will be happy in this house, I already like the place, happy for you😊💕"

Xandebalieiro added, "God bless your home 💝 🙏"


Tiffany's boys are even getting an awesome new room!

Tiffany captioned this photo of their new bunk beds, "😎😎 A dreamy new boys' room is in progress at the new house....and we cannot thank our best friends, the Harknesses, enough for all of the help they've given us in getting our new home ready! The most giving people I've ever known. What a blessing they are. Love you oh so much @kt2366"


It sounds like the boys are in for a big surprise. Hopefully, Tiffany and Josiah enjoy their new home and the start of their journey together. This sure looks like the happy ending she's been waiting for.