Before Donald Trump was the President of the United States, he was a lot of other things. A real estate mogul. A reality TV star. A steak salesman. A Howard Stern guest. A surefire punchline for any joke involving a bad comb-over. Of all his previous titles, though, the best one may have just surfaced: Donald Trump, star of a sexually charged 1995 Pizza Hut commercial for stuffed-crust pizza.

Donald and his first ex-wife Ivana co-star in the ad, which was shot four years after their highly-publicized, messy divorce. In the commercial, the couple seem to debate having a sordid fling, but turns out they're actually talking about ... wait for it ... eating stuffed crust pizza backwards.



You're all hot and bothered now, aren't you?

The ad was known behind the scenes as the "Pizza Slut" commercial, for obvious reasons, and thanks to renewed interest (i.e. the star being elected president of the United States), some autographed storyboards from the shoot are being sold as historic memorabilia.


"Pizza Slut" storyboards would be a wonderful addition to any patriotic American's home decor, don't you think?

One more tidbit from the Pizza Hut commercial shoot: according to Page Six, the storyboard seller who worked on the shoot said Donald Trump "was pleasant to work with, but you can see that he has to be the one in control."

Sounds about right.

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