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Kim Kardashian is selling 'feminist Kimojis' and not everyone's buying it.

Kim Kardashian is selling 'feminist Kimojis' and not everyone's buying it.


Like she does whenever she posts a nude selfie, Kim Kardashian West has inspired yet another debate about sexuality, women's empowerment and stuff.

March is Women's History Month, a thirty one day period in which society is encouraged to acknowledge the contributions of women, as opposed to the other eleven months that are mostly focused on men.

Kim Kardashian is marking/cashing in on the occasion with special Women's Empowerment-themed Kim Kardashian-themed emojis.

Some people are pumped that Kim's explicitly promoting feminist ideals.

Other people think it's weird to see this girl power stuff coming from a Kardashian.

Some see it as an extension of popular feminism today, which is often about selling T-shirts and making money off the message.

People are noting that Kim hasn't previously identified as a feminist, and are wondering what changed. Is it the money? (It's probably the money.)

Or perhaps the high stakes of the Trump administration has taught Kim that she could no longer afford to stay silent when women are consistently degraded are their rights are being threatened?

But yeah, it's probably the money.

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