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'AITA for giving my friend's Taylor Swift concert ticket to my sister?' She's pissed!

'AITA for giving my friend's Taylor Swift concert ticket to my sister?' She's pissed!


"AITA for giving away my friend's ticket to the Taylor Swift concert and leaving without her?"

So a long time ago I (20F) bought 4 tickets to the Taylor swift concert in our city that happened this past weekend. It was going to be me, Marissa, Haley, and Aiden. We are all besties from high school

Everyone paid me for the tickets and planned accordingly. We were planning on getting there pretty early to hangout for a bit. Everyone knew this plan for a long time but for some reason Marissa couldn’t/didn’t get off work. She is a server at a breakfast restaurant and normally doesn’t work too late. This was all on Saturday btw.

I also have an older sister who lives in this city who really wanted to go but couldn’t. She begged me to be a backup in case anything happened. We don’t live very close to the city (like an hour drive sometimes longer) so we planned on leaving at 2 PM.

At around 1 I started texting everyone to get ready because I had to start picking people up. Marissa told us she should get off around 12 but she didn’t say anything when I texted the group. I texted her individually and called her. No response. I started picking up everyone and she was the last person to get.

I kept calling and we waited outside her house for a bit, I said f**k it so I went to the door. Her answered and said Marissa has not come home yet. Together we decided to leave without her.

We got 20 minutes into the drive when all our phones started blowing up. It was Marissa apologizing and saying there was issues at work and she had to stay but she’s speeding home and will be ready in 15 minutes. It was like 230 at this point.

Aiden called her and explained what happened and I could hear her screaming her head off at him. He eventually hung up on her. My sister met us there and zelle’d the money to Marissa in the exact amount she paid me. We had a blast.

I’m asking if I was an a**hole because none of us have heard from Marissa since even after apologizing.

Info from OP:

The schedule was agreed upon ahead of time. She was supposed to be done around 12. There were 2 hours where she just didn’t respond and we had absolutely no clue what was going on with her. We all were calling and texting

She’s not late a ton but it’s not surprising that she f***ed up the whole getting time off of work thing. I told my boss for a few months I wouldn’t be able to work that day. I don’t think she knew about my sister but we were talking about how we were leaving at 2 for all last week.

I’ve worked in a restaurant before and there’s so many ways to take a phone out for 5 seconds and send a text. Go in the kitchen, walk in, bathroom or something it’s not hard to send one text in like a 2 hour period.

Here's what people had to say to OP:

DoraTheUrbanExplorer writes:

YTA you couldn't turn around and pick her up? Or let her meet you there? Really? The Eras tour is legit a historical event (I know that sounds dramatic but this tour is HUGE and she's getting close to being the next Michael Jackson). You took this away from her. I'd be shocked if she ever speaks to you again.

Ticketgirl20 OP responded:

At that point I’d already called my sister too. We had no idea what was going on.

EstimateOk2441 writes:

YTA. You could have hang out later, but going again with her friends to a Taylor Swift concert is very difficult to happen again and she wasn't late because she was being lazy, it was because of her work.

Ticketgirl20 OP responded:

That’s what my mom said (she’s on Marissa's side and called us all the worst friends ever) but some of our other friends say she knew about this for a long time and should have requested off work. I work some Saturday’s too and made sure I’d be off.

lbrownlbrown writes:

YTA. You killed a friendship for 30mins. You still arrived A FEW HOURS early for the show. You wanted your sister to go instead of your 'friend'. Shame on you.

HotShotWriterDude writes:

I’m pretty sure OP was just waiting for someone to miss the 2PM departure time, even by just one minute so her sister can get a last minute ticket without paying extra. I mean, look at how fast the ticket was sold, and for the same price Marissa probably bought it… months ago? Ultra YTA, OP.

ximxperfection writes:

Taylor goes on at 8. Doors open at 4:30. They got there before the damn doors opened & OP didn’t wait 10 minutes before stealing her ex-friends ticket.

Unl0vableDarkness writes:

Sister must have already been ready and waiting to meet them there too, whole thing was planned from the offset.

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