1. The Human Centipede

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How can you pass up the opportunity to watch one of the most disgusting and repulsive movies that could ever grace your television screen? Plus, the final installment is coming out soon, so you need to catch up!

2. The Den


Imagine if someone on Chat Roulette was watching you through your web cam long after you logged off and they also happen to be a crazed, sadistic murderer. The whole film is presented like it's on a computer screen, so you get found footage without the motion sickness.

3. Contracted

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If you thought the worst thing that could happen from unprotected sex was an unplanned pregnancy or a burning sensation when you pee, get ready to have your world completely destroyed. By the time it ends, you'll delete your Tinder profile forever, just to be safe.

4. The Horde

(via IFC)

It starts off as a gritty cop drama about officers going rogue to get revenge on a group of gangsters, but then the zombie apocalypse happens and everything goes completely insane. It's a fresh take on zombie movies, which isn't an easy task nowadays.

5. Event Horizon

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As far as horror goes, the 90s was pretty much the worst except for a few absolute masterpieces. One of those, that you've probably skipped for some reason, is this sci-fi scare fest that's still terrifying after all these years.

6. Oculus

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Way too many people assumed a horror film from WWE Studios would be garbage, but with Oculus, that couldn't be further from the truth. The only disappointing part is that there's very little chance we'll get a sequel, which is a shame because the concept would work so well in multiple installments.

7. Witching & Bitching

(via TIFF)

Horror comedies are tough to pull off because if the humor or the scares are lacking, it fails on every level. Witching & Bitching is fun, smart, and most of all highly entertaining.

8. Tucker & Dale vs Evil

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This is the best horror comedy since Shawn of the Dead and, if we're being honest, it might just be the superior film between the two.

9. The Pact

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What starts out as a typical ghost movie takes a sharp turn into terrifying when you finally learn what's really going on inside the house. Just be prepared to freak out at every sound you hear in the middle of the night for the next three months.

10. John Dies at the End

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It's not one of those horror movies that'll have you jumping out of your seat the entire time, but the writing is great and it's self-aware enough to not take itself too seriously, but still consistently entertain.