Way to be bros about this, Warners.

I was gonna write about how there's a leaked two-minute teaser trailer going around today for Batman v Superman that some enterprising jerk at a screening took on his cellphone camera. The teaser wasn't supposed to be released 'til next week, but obviously that's kind of pointless since everyone's now had a chance to see an off-centered, low-resolution version of the trailer. So, it's out now. Thanks, bros.

P.S. Where can I buy tickets? I've made a lot of jokes about Ben Affleck as Batman and about how cliché "gritty reboots" have become. I take those back. You guys put Neil DeGrasse Tyson and (I'm pretty sure by the voice) Charlie Rose in a comic book movie. Thank you. Please release more things to me. I won't leak them. Can I just come by and watch it in a cubicle or something? I'll watch it naked if you want.

Sources: Warner Bros. Pictures