"No, I am your lager."

[Ed note: The author highly recommends that you read the following blog post with John Williams' "The Imperial March" as musical accompaniment.]

For the past six years, the Empire Brewing Company in Syracuse, New York has offered a style of lager that it has dubbed Strikes Bock. Get it? Do you get it? Like The Empire Strikes Back. See? That's clever.

However, now that Empire is trying to trademark the beer so that they can distribute it, Lucasfilm—which was bought by Disney for all of the money in the world two years ago—is filing a lawsuit to stop the microbrewery from calling it that, saying it sounds too similar to the name of the movie that Empire is rather obviously trying to make it sound like. I like to imagine that they filed it via a highly concentrated legal beam from a small artificial moon which is always orbiting the Earth. But they probably just faxed some papers over to some law office somewhere.

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