How to pretend you've seen the 2017 Oscars' Best Picture nominees: 'Arrival.'

How to pretend you've seen the 2017 Oscars' Best Picture nominees: 'Arrival.'

The 89th Annual Academy Awards are on Sunday, February 25th, and the show is sure to dazzle, entertain, and send Donald Trump into a massive tweetstorm.

Hollywood’s biggest night is the Super Bowl for non-sporty folk, an opportunity to get drunk on a Sunday and collectively scream at the TV. This year, the Academy nominated nine movies for Best Picture, humbly requesting that you spend approximately 27 hours consuming the content. We realize you may happen to have a life outside of the movie theater, so we at Someecards are here to help with cheat sheets for the five Best Picture nominees you need to know about to fake your way through an Oscars watch-party.

Following the Someecards rundown on the Best Picture nominees La La Land, Moonlight, and Manchester by the Sea, here's the rundown on another nominee: Arrival.

What Happens in Arrival:

Spoilers within!

In the year’s most obvious and pertinent metaphor, aliens come to earth and the world needs to work together to welcome and understand them. Why are they here? What are their intentions? Could we trust them if they don’t look like us or speak the same language? Subtle.


If the aliens-as-immigrants metaphor wasn't clear enough, averting disaster depends on collaboration with the Chinese. You hear that, Donald Trump?

Amy Adams plays Louise Banks, a linguist tasked with decoding the alien's language, which takes its form in some inky discharge.

While the film opens with Louise mourning the loss of her daughter, who dies of cancer, it turns out that she isn’t dead. Why? Because her daughter doesn’t exist yet.


Oy. It's a big year for dead kids at the Oscars.

Louise's flashbacks were actually flashforwards, and understanding the alien's language grants the ability to mentally travel to time and have visions. It's so raven.

(The vision stuff makes sense in the movie, I swear.)

Smart Things to Say About Arrival:

  • “Amy Adams was ROBBED for a nomination. ROBBED! She is the female Leonardo DiCaprio in terms of Oscars. Hopefully she doesn't have to wait to get mauled by a bear to win."

  • "Science fiction can be serious, Mom. This alien stuff is important."

  • "The alien's ship was but a Trojan horse. This movie isn't about aliens, it's about humanity."

  • "Hawkeye and Lois Lane's team-up was a lot sadder than I expected."

  • "For a film about language, I can hardly find the words."

  • “The score by Johann Johannsen truly seeped into my bones.”

  • "I'd rather comment in Heptapodese."

  • “Jeremy Renner was in this movie? I saw it, he’s just so easily forgettable.”


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