'USA Today' recreated the front page from 'Back to the Future Part II.' How accurate was it?

'USA Today' recreated the front page from 'Back to the Future Part II.' How accurate was it?

Today is Back to the Future Day, and to celebrate, USA Today recreated the front page from Back to the Future Part II. In the sequel, October 21, 2015 is the date on which Doc and Marty travel to the future. In one scene, Marty finds a copy of USA Today, and as a tribute to that, the newspaper has printed a second front page for today's issue, perfectly recreating the one from the movie. Most of the film's predictions about the future did not come true, notably flying cars and hover boards. But a few things came close, like mounted flat-screen TVs and digital goggles that answer the phone (similar to Google Glass). Here's the front page of the newspaper Marty finds in the future:

USA Today

Several of these headlines feel like they capture 2015 very well:

  • "Swiss terrorist threat": International terrorism threats are regrettably a constant in the news. 
  • "President says she's tired": There could absolutely be a female President of the United States in 2016.
  • "Atrocity Channel's immolation special gets super hot ratings": We love garbage reality TV, and we're probably not far from having an "Atrocity Channel" where we watch people die.
  • "Kelp prices increase": We love super foods! Kale is the current winner, and the fictional price hike was due to pollution of the ocean, which is sadly quite accurate.
  • "Vietnam surfing championships begin tomorrow": Americans absolutely visit Vietnam as tourists, and it's a hot international surfing destination.
  • Endless sequels and reboots: Yes, most of our movies are sequels and reboots.

There were also several fun misses:

  • "Cubs sweep series in 5": The Cubs are playing the National League Championship series, but they're down three games, and now have a slim chance of making the World Series.
  • "3D Billboards: free speech or traffic hazards?": We do not currently have 3D billboards, but it's safe to say that advertisers would use them to catch our attention until vehicular deaths increased.
  • "Maddy the hover-boarding dog TV special tonight": There are no hover boards, but this is a close one, because we positively love watching videos of animals doing cute human stuff. Look no further than the Grumpy Cat Christmas special.

So if Back to the Future Part II was able to make some pretty accurate guesses, that means some of our current technology might also be a glimpse into the future. Like water you drink from blobs or jet packs. As Doc would remind us, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.