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6 horror movies about bugs guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

6 horror movies about bugs guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

I have a phobia of cockroaches. It's not just a fear—it's a full-blown phobia. Blattodephobia, it's called. I mostly don't mind other bugs, just cockroaches. I'm especially afraid of the big ones. The last time one was in my apartment, I responded by throwing a blanket over my head. If it hadn't been located and killed immediately, I probably would have moved out and just started a new life.

I also love horror movies, though, and I make myself watch bug movies to scare myself. I mean, that's the whole point of horror movies. So, whether you're a fan or phobic of bugs, here are 6 of the best movies about bugs.

1. BUG (1975)

I've written about this movie before but it definitely needs to be included in this list. Based on the novel The Hephaestus Plague by Thomas Page, Bug was the last movie written (in part) and produced by B-movie legend William Castle. After an earthquake causes a huge crack to open up in a small town, strange fire-starting bugs begin to appear, wreaking havoc on anything in their path. The good news is: because they've come from the bowels of Earth, the air pressure aboveground is too low, and they die quickly. The bad news is: Professor James Parmiter (Bradford Dillman), who has a degree in sweating, breeds some of them with regular cockroaches, and those adapt to life aboveground, and also, now they can fly.

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