Bring It On is 15 years old, and that's hard to believe until you remember that Gabrielle Union's character was named Isis. In their annual reunions issue, Entertainment Weekly brought the squad back together to discuss their days in the cheerocracy. 

The movie sounds like it was as fun to film as it is to watch:

JESSE BRADFORD Did we hook up? Well, there was certainly a degree to which, walking around that set, I felt like a very lucky guy and got to meet a lot of very pretty girls who were interested in talking to me. [Laughs]

UNION We were really close to Tijuana, we were away from home, we had money — you know, at the time, a $100 per diem is quite a bit.

ELIZA DUSHKU There are some rumors online about our extracurricular activities, but I maintain that I always showed up to work on time. Without having to be yelled at by a producer.

BRADFORD I would love to set the record straight about that, if you want the truth — or maybe the truth with some omissions. First of all, it was Rosarito, not Tijuana. It was me, Eliza, Rini Bell, and this dude Lance, one of the male cheerleaders on the Toros. I’m gonna blur the details of how and why, but needless to say, we got arrested. We had to go in front of a judge — I use that term loosely here — and explain what happened, and he let us go… They said that one of the producers, Max Wong, had to bail us out, but I don’t think any of them knew what happened until well after the fact.

DUSHKU Thank God for those little disposable cameras that nobody ever really developed, so we never ended up on TMZ.

UNION First rule of Fight Club, don’t talk about Fight Club. There were a lot of adventures, I will say that. [Laughs]

Sources: Entertainment Weekly