"Building a snowman sounds like man's work..."

The 'Honest Trailers' series from Screen Junkies is one of our favorite things on YouTube. Usually, they make fun of glaring plotholes, ridiculous love stories, or unrealistic physics of the films they're mocking. When it comes to the retrograde sexual politics of Cinderella, however...yeeeeesh! Also, the songs. The drunk, drunk songs.

As the owner of one of those little weird Y chromosomes, I a.) didn't watch Cinderella that much, because almost other movie ever made was marketed to boys like me, and b.) I did not catch how crazy sexist it was when I was 7. That one's on me: when I was 7, I fully admit to being completely out of touch with systemic sexism. As an almost 30-year-old, however, I now am extremely reluctant to show this to the children I probably won't have. Because it's sexist as all hell.

Sources: Screen Junkies