Betsy Wagner-Gregory is a photographer and softball mom, so she put together an awesome team photo and it's going viral.

Help, this made me care about Frozen again! (via Betsy Wagner-Gregory)

Well, this is the cutest. I don't even particularly like kids, Disney, softball, or princesses, but this combo is just working for me. Their tough little faces and adorable braids!!! Apparently, they were a terrible softball team, but who cares? They're five.

Yup, disgustingly cute from every angle. (via Betsy Wagner-Gregory)

The team initially wanted to straight-up call themselves the "Sparkling Elsas" but cooler heads prevailed. The name "Freeze" conveys the strength of these little athletes and a singing princess who controls the weather with her feelings.

Sources: Betsy Wagner-Gregory | h/t BuzzFeed