First of all, since this is an article about how there are even more plot-hinting tidbits in the trailer released yesterday by LucasFilm, be prepared for The Force Awakens spoilers. You signed up for this. In this new trailer tailored specifically for the Chinese market (where the film doesn't arrive until January 9), introduced by 25-year-old Chinese actor, singer, and mega-celebrity-you've-never-heard-of Lu Han, there is much more dialogue between Daisy Ridley's Rey and John Boyega's Finn, especially a scene that's very reminiscent (albeit with much more action) of the last time a hero in drab rags needed to get off a desert planet quickly. There's also more from villain Kylo Ren, whose neo-Imperialist vision has a few more action shots as well, and a new nostalgic shot of the Millennium Falcon leading a fleet of X-Wings. (The trailer starts at 0:16)

Sources: h/t Digg