Some men just want to watch the galaxy burn.

If you're the kind of person who has always harbored a deep desire to know whether Gotham's Dark Knight could beat Sith-era Anakin Skywalker in a fight—which is to say, a common-variety nerd, such as myself—then your long sleepless nights of wonder are about to come to an end, thanks to this very detail-oriented short, which eschews plot and reason in an attempt to get right to the ass-handing.

According to conventional wisdom, it is assumed that Batman can best any opponent, given enough time and preparation. He even knocked Superman down a few pegs in The Dark Knight Returns, if you'll recall. But Superman is not a Sith Lord. I'm pretty sure that turd-headed Jedi guy could beat Superman on a good day. So, this should be pretty interesting:

Sources: MachinimaPrime | h/t Daily Dot