The next time you want to complain about the weird middle name your parents gave you, think of those with names like Journey, or Golden, or Darth Vader. No, seriously, this guy's name is Darth Vader.

Darth Vader Williamson is a surgical technician at St. Francis Hospital - Bartlett in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee. And yes, Darth Vader is his actual name.

Williamson, who is 39 years old, was born less than a year after the first Star Wars film was released in theaters.


"When I was born my mother wanted me to be named Junior, after my father. But my dad was a Star Wars buff," he said. "He was so enamored with the character Darth Vader that he was like, 'This would be one bad name for our son.‌"

Bad, in this case, meaning awesome.

"Under the effects of anesthesia, (my mother) would have agreed to anything. She was like, 'Yeah, OK, fine.' And ... afterward, she was like, 'Uh, what have we done?" Williamson said.


While Darth Vader Williamson's dad may be a huge Star Wars fan, he doesn't seem to get the hype. Williamson says he hasn't seen any of the movies since 1983.

Williamson has worked at the hospital for 10 years with relatively little attention, but recently, a hospital spokesman by the name of Derek Venckus thought it'd be fun to make a video about him to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4. You can watch the whole thing below.


Guess Darth Vader didn't die at the end of Return of the Jedi after all.

Sources: CNN