May the 4th be with these 25 dudes who look as good in Princess Leia costumes as Carrie Fisher.

May the 4th be with these 25 dudes who look as good in Princess Leia costumes as Carrie Fisher.

People aren't letting gender roles stop them from donning the costumes of their favorite fictional characters—because it's 2016 and that's absolutely OK. So if you ever encounter a full grown man dressed as Princess Leia or, better yet, bikini-clad Princess Leia, don't be surprised. Instead, be transfixed by these 25 hilariously awesome dudes dressed as Princess Leia and May the Fourth Be With You!

1. Dad as Princess Leia and daughter as Han Solo. Perfection.

2. Jimmy Kimmel conquered late night with his Leia costume.

3. Don't forget, Jon Stewart.

4. This dude went to the movies wearing the most proper outfit to watch Star Wars.

5. Kudos to any man who decides to wear Leia's metal bikini.

6. The Mickey Mouse ears on this dad's Leia costume are a nice touch.


7. This dude's Princess Leia buns are ridiculously on point.

8. May the force be with you always, especially during the exam.

9. Having a BLAST. Sorry.

10. Princess Leia rocking a bowler hat? Classy.


11. That time when the the Tantive IV crash landed in London.

12. Because two buns are better than one.

13. Mexican, American, or Neimoidian—anyone can be Princess Leia.

14. Damn Leia! Back at it again with the glitter Vans.


15. That horse is weird AF.

16. How long did it take this dude to make this epic, balloon Jabba?

17. This one's on the house, Leia.

18. His pose is absolutely magnificent.


19. This dude looks pretty pissed.

20. Don't pause, carry on!

21. Someone please tell this dude to pull back his Leia wig just a tiny bit.

22. Carrie Fisher could rock a handlebar mustache and get away with it.


23. Aren't these kids too young to get inside the Outlander Club?

24. Princess Leia takes selfies very seriously.

25. And here's another photo of prisoner-Leia to send you off on your galactic voyage.

And, once again, May the Fourth Be With You.