He's acquired a particular set of skills, but more importantly a lightsaber and guns.
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Liam Neeson, the towering Irish actor long known for powerful dramatic performances (I once saw him in The Crucible as John Proctor on Broadway. That was pretty cool, but he didn't snap any necks) has, as we all know, become a hyper-violent action star in his middle age. To celebrate his penchant for the cold-blooded ending of life, but mostly to promote his upcoming death fest Walk Among The Tombstones, film distribution company eONe has released this detailed map on Facebook of where and how Neeson has killed each of his victims. Naturally, there's some nitpicking on reddit and elsewhere about the accuracy of all of this slaughter, but overall it's very clear that you don't want to challenge Neeson when he's portraying a fictional character (and at 6'4", you don't want to challenge him in person, either).