Pretentious-o-meter lets you see which of your favorite movies make you sound like a pretentious idiot.

Who's in this 4% who think 'Furious 7' isn't for everyone? Monsters.
(screengrab from Pretentious-O-Meter)

After years of not knowing how you sound when you claim Lost in Translation is the best "representation of a certain zeitgeist," or that Iron Man 3 is objectively a better film than anything put on celluloid by French New Wave directors, Pretentious-o-meter is here to tell you which movies are movies and which are considered "films."

You can search any movie and find out what percentage of people consider that motion picture made for the "mass-market" and what percentage consider it "pretentious."

It's the perfect argument-settler the next time your friend tries to tell you that Knife in the Water is just as thrilling as any of the new Marvel movies. Most importantly, it can finally end the arguments about how artsy The Dark Knight is (it's 33% on the Mass-Market side).