Happy Ghostbusters Day, everybody! Today is the day the new "all-female" reboot is released in the U.S., retroactively ruining so, so many men's childhoods. In a little switcheroo, and in honor of the ghosts (of the men's childhoods, lol), how about some movies where the ghosts get a chance to do their fair share of human-busting?

When this piece was suggested, I was initially unsure just what "busting" meant—like, busting their chops? Their balls? Are the ghosts cops? No, this is just busting in the same way that the humans (or women, in the case of the new one [that was a joke, I KNOW THAT WOMEN ARE HUMANS]) bust the ghosts in Ghostbusters. There are no proton packs or little toaster-sized homes here, but these are times when people in movies get screwed with by ghosts anywhere from "a little" to "goodbye forever."