It's 2015. When will men be comfortable with women busting their ghosts?

Left to right: ghost, man, man, man, man. (via YouTube)

Does the upcoming Ghostbusters film with an all-female cast sound too interesting and empowering for you? Do you wish you could see a new version of a movie that originally starred men but with more men, because only men can play fictional men who were inspired by different fictional men? Great news on the men front: men!

According to MTV, the previously rumored other Ghostbusters reboot might actually be happening. Screenwriter Drew Pearce said he just finished completing his idea, which is "top secret" but would ideally be in the same universe as both the original film and the Paul Feig-directed all-female version. He also said he and the producers are hoping to cast Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum, who I wish they would just leave out of this.

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